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Handmade in Hong Kong with care

Photography, collage and embroidery

This work is dedicated to the Hong Kong neon lights. 

I wanted to extract the neon from its urban environment, so that the proportions can be altered. Displayed in feminine hands that seem to not only be holding the neon but also caring and cherishing it, it becomes a precious and unique object. In the meantime, the vintage look of the hands and gloves give an indication about the time.

The ambition is to draw attention to these very unique urban elements. The neon signs are disappearing from the Hong Kong streets, and they soon will no longer diffuse this unique radiance that used to participate in the uniqueness of Hong Kong. 

More than just simple advertising messages, they were often adorned with artistic characters and graphics that were first hand-drawn on a paper. 

As a matter of fact, the neon signs were entirely handmade, and required particular skills that will be unfortunately lost in the modernization of the city. 

So this embroidered work is a tribute to the Hong Kong neon signs, the handmade craftsmanship, and the past Hong Kong culture and identity. 

Protected they now deserve to be.

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