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3D photocollage

Whilst discovering Hong Kong through the arts, my artistic approach has been strongly influenced by the 3D photocollage technic that I learnt with a local visual arts teacher. I fully adopted this meticulous medium that I like to combine with other tactile technic like embroidery on photography, and started some series of collages featuring Hong Kong aesthetics or disappearing icons: the cinemas, the neon signs, flora, houses and corner buildings... 
I like the way it makes the impact on the viewer more tangible. How the deployed and layered image enables a more "physical" experience between the viewer and the picture. 
I work on three different types of 3D photocollage: the 3D; the joiner (like a David Hockney's joiner put in 3D collage); and the tunnel type. The tunnel 3D photocollage can be fold and unfold like an accordion, to play with perspectives and put a distance between the different layers that make the full image.

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