looking for China

image-98   Yesterday I went to Kowloon to explore the Sham Shui Po area. I wanted to sit anywhere and draw all these richly detailed and generous buildings, but given the little time I had and the hugeness of the task, I resigned myself to make instas, instead.

When I used to live in Beijing my favorite shops were hardware stores and all kind of dusty and messy bazars where toilet brushes, plastic basins and bamboo tooth picks waited aside beautiful, vintage, simple, everyday life chinese products: metallic plates with peony paintings, colorful thermoses, bamboo stroller, feiyue shoes. The chinese must have. The kind of things that any hipster shop in Paris, New York or London would sell as gold or truffe de Bourgogne.
So when I bumped into Leung Tim Choppess Factory, on Cheung Sha Wan road (n°221), I was in a time travel. This place is the cooking chef heaven. The palace of the chinese interior. They have everything. Including awesome wooden mooncake molds, amazing cookie cutters (actually vegetables cutters, to make fishes or dragons in a carrot slice..) … and the typical Hong Kong metallic mail box for which I will surely go back before Christmas.
image-100 image-99
A little more of chinese ambiance also on Lantau Island last Saturday, when we visited some friends living in Mui Wo village. Individual houses, people riding their bikes, no cars in sight, … were good to our eyes.


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