Stage photo @ Lou Pichoun

Soucoupe4terEt voilà !
Les inscriptions pour le stage « photo créative » que je vais animer chez Lou Pichoun sont ouvertes !
Il s’agit un stage en 12 séances pour les 6-10 ans, du 5 avril au 30 juin. 12 séances pour découvrir et créer après l’école !

Toutes les informations se trouvent ici ! 


Kidlightbox talks in english!

Hurray! I updated my website and translated (at last!) the Kidlightbox page… Hong Kong, here I am, send me your little artists!


Knitting my vintage stationary project

So happy to finally be back on this project again. Did not have much time this year to work on my personal things, Hong Kong helps me focusing on them again, it’s exciting!
So I have this serie of vintage knitting illustrations that I love so much and am going to edit here in Hong Kong (postcards, calendars, and cards with message).
It is a long term work since the whole serie has more than 20 collages, but I’m thrilled to find the perfect match of collage and words for each of them.

I give myself one month to finish this, including the production, which will not be the easiest part, since it is oddly rather difficult to find good quality AND affordable printing services here. Will tell you!




I took this photo in Beijing, when I was living near Chaoyang Park back in 2006. I do not know if this place still exists in the park but I really like it, so photogenic, graphic and hypnotic.

This limited edition photography is available in my shop here:



I’ve just bumped into this:

Capture d’écran 2015-10-13 à 22.07.44

I’ve bumped into this bottle on Etsy, and the girl who sells it says it’s made of … porcelain?

Capture d’écran 2015-10-13 à 22.06.10

Love it, love everything! the idea, the colors, the simplicity, the playfulness … and because cool vase with handle is so hard to find. Congrats Foekjefleur!

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