We enrolled Virgile in a drum class for kids, willing to offer him another opportunity to socialize with kids of his age while playing his favorite game, music. But after two sessions it appeared we minimized to much what could possibly put an end to our good intentions. The language. If the language of music is universal, that of the teacher is not. And Virgile got quickly discouraged by the not transparent words thrown at him every Wednesday afternoons.

Being the sole one who does not understand anything is obviously frustrating for anybody. So last Wednesday we decided with the teacher, that it was time to find a solution where he could feel good and proud of him, and not helpless and excluded. So we switched to a private drums class where english would be spoken from the basis, with very simple words, along with gesture, and less verbal instructions.
On the way back home, after this first private session, he was so relaxed and happy, I could feel we saved something important. In the taxi, lying on the rear seat with his head on my knees, he was intensely looking at the clouds over the bay.
 » Look mum! the clouds are following us. They’re following us like little cars « . And mummy of little poet smiled. Relieved.

Drawing: the playground we go to after the class, when the sand is too wet after the rain to enjoy a beach break.
Photo: Virgile in a boat making his way through the waves of his Hong Kongese challenge. 


lunch menu



Drawing in Hongkong

So, we live in Hongkong now! And should I say « again ». China and us, long story. Speaking for myself, China is welcoming me for the third time:
1995, student, 21, six months at Beijing University. Bought my blue thick chinese coat, ran my bicycle singing Cui Tian songs like a real one, ate jiaozis everyday, because it was cheap and because it was ooh so good! Big crush. Completely fell in love with Beijing. Its blue, its grey, its coal, its food, its people, its cold, its simplicity, its red, its hugeness. Left Beijing promising myself it could not be the only and last time.

2005. 31, working girl, alone, following my 1995 dream, honoring my promise to myself, back to Beijing. Worked, made photos, a lot, became a blogger, fell in love. Come back to France four years later.. not alone!

And now, 2015. 41, married and mother, photographer… hello Hongkong! Some might think that Hongkong is not really China, but I can not agree with this, since we can not define China only by our french romantic expectations: bikes, qigong, Feiyue shoes and emperor furniture.

But it is too early for me to make conclusions, I am here since only one month, and I have been spending my time mostly fixing things for my family.

As for me, well, what a freshly arrived in Hongkong photographer does first? She draws!

Hongkong makes me draw. Basically I want to draw everything. Food, people, buildings, trees and plants… Drawing is the base of photography, and drawing is a family activity. On my father’s side, everyone draws or paints (my gifted sister painted my favorite painting, remember?), so, why not me?


My drawing is an ‘insta-drawing’, something I do in between other things, unlike my photography which is a looooong pause photography. I think I found a way to avoid making tourist photography that keeps dissatisfies me all the time (I mean mine)
(and also found a way to keep my hands and my brain and my eyes busy with something which is not an Iphone or any other screen)

Drawing lets you chose what to show on your image. Even more if you are short with time. Which makes me think about a book I am reading, a very interesting book about the History of photography, and its long first battle with painting, back in 19th Century.

But let’s not be too boring here! Here are my first Hongkong drawings, most of them are Tramway drawings. I think I might stick to my first choice of instruments, pencil and markers.


Capture d’écran 2015-09-29 à 20.54.35



Sarah Illenberger Wonderplants


I have been an unconditional fan of german artist Sarah Illenberger since a few years. Each new work from her hits me with the strength of the most beautiful, the most never-seen before and yet familiar, the most magic and yet the simplest, the most necessary visual art I was dreaming of. I never get bored with Sarah Illenberger. She always takes me somewhere I did not know I wanted to go. She is so good with flowers and plants, so talented with the color matching.
More to see on her site :


Envol de soucoupes !


D’après les photos de Théa, 7ans, Paris 20eme. 

Oyé oyé!, je vais bientôt animer des ateliers en plein air le mercredi après-midi dans un nouveau lieu super chouette dans le 18ème … + d’infos et inscriptions bientôt !