Still here, making cones

Hello there
Sorry I’ve been away so long, but hey! I landed on Gers! Gers is a beautiful planet somewhere in Gascony, France. It’s green, yellow, brown, violet in the evenings, sparsely populated, mostly with ducks, gooses, and mice (with the last ones mostly in my attic, well, seems so), hilly, small roads, with people driving mostly right in the middle of them, breathtakingly amazingly beautiful. For what I saw up to now.
And if everyone tells me « ok, stay a winter, spend a whole winter, we’ll talk about it afterwards« , meaning, I am going to spend the most boringly boring winter of my life here, ever…I do believe that the time I am going to spend here with my husband and son is just going to be gold. Or foie gras.
So. We moved in Gers this summer, and it took me no less than three months to tell you about it. I am a slow person.
Internet is not for me. Tweet thing and messenger blahblah thing, not for me. Three months.
Not that I was sleeping, or lost my computer.. no, I just adopted the Gascony speed.

Ok, enough with the blabla, let’s talk about the « serious shit » (Brad Pitt, in Burn after reading)

My friends and I, are currently organizing a photography exhibition. To show one of my favorite series, the Funfair.

So, it’s 1am, and I am currently making paper waffle cones for the opening party on Saturday evening. And yes, I’m having fun.

And, before that, I edited the opening party sound. And now I can’t wait Saturday opening party!



La Recyclerie, ce mercredi !


Oyé oyé !

Retrouvez-moi à la Recyclerie ce mercredi 25 juin à 15h pour un atelier Kid Light Box d’une heure pour les 6-10 ans !
Inscriptions sur place ou par mail auprès de moi ou de la Recyclerie, dans la limite des places disponibles !
Dépêchez-vous il n’y a que 8 places !

La Recyclerie est un nouveau lieu absolument génial à découvrir de toute urgence ! Venez vous y détendre au soleil le long des rails de la petite ceinture, en sirotant une limonade  pendant que j’apprends à vos petits artistes à fabriquer un mini studio …

A mercredi !

Prix : 12€
Inscriptions : camille point levert at gmail point com

Adresse : Porte de Clignancourt, bd Ornano, Paris 18ème. (